Matrix Gait Trainer Patient Testimonials

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“After lots of attempts with other methods, my stroke patient successfully took his very first partial assisted steps due to the Matrix and was able to ambulate all the way across the gym floor. He’s exhausted but all smiles. That was a big step forward.”

– CRS at Project Walk

“The use of the matrix has had multiple benefits. First, it allows the physical therapist the ability to facilitate the patient with greater ease since the walker assists other parts of the lower extremity. For the patient, the walker gives them confidence in the stability while giving them an extra “boost” which allows them to get in more steps and more repetitions which is critical for motor learning. Many benefits!”

– DPT at AMPT Rehab

“The Matrix is amazing! My stroke patient was able to ambulate a distance 3 times greater than his norm with this device & less effort was required on my part as a therapist.”

-PT at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clearlake

Matrix Gait Trainer - Walking TBI Patient Safe Stable - Testimonials photo
Matrix Gait Trainer - Walking TBI Patient Safe Effective - Testimonials photo

“It worked great with my Guillain-Barre patient!! Helped him regain stability for sure!”

– PT at Methodist Hospital, Downtown Houston

“I love the quality of walking and the confidence the Matrix brings each patient. As a solo practitioner, it has given me the freedom to work with more involved patients without risking an injury for both myself and my patient.”